Welcome to the BAS 2023 Christmas Photo Competition

  • You can enter as many photos in each category as you like, add a description such as the date, where the photo was taken, what the subject is etc.
  • Photos can be up to 1920×1080 pixels in size and must not exceed 5Mb in size.
  • The categories are as follows : Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Historic Aviation, Airshows, Modern Military Aircraft, & Civilian Aircraft.
  • There will also be a Best of the competition overall winner.
  • The cut off date for uploading photos is 8th Dec 2023
  • Voting opens on 9th Dec 2023 and ends on the 12th Dec 2023.
  • Only one vote per category please and no voting for your own photos!
  • Results will be announced at the BAS meeting on the 14th Dec 2023
  • The winning prize will be a BCWM Beanie Hat! You can get more info about the beanie hat here.