We will be hosting an Anglo American day on August 21st 2022 which is a normal opening day for the museum, but will be added to by collections of British and American vehicles, reenactment groups, food stalls, and more. As we confirm more attractions to the day we will update our social media channels so you know what other things you can see on the day.

Admission tickets for the day will be the same as our regular admission costs so you will be getting more bang for your buck if you come and visit us on August 21st!

Watch this space for more news on this event!

You can book your tickets using this link!

Some images from a similar event held in 2019 are shown below.

March 10th – Ken Delve might be known to many of you as an accomplished aviation author and editor of Flypast magazine and now curator of the museum at RAF Marham. But he also had a 20-year career with the Royal Air Force including tours on the Canberra and Tornado. Ken will be presenting a humorous look at life in the RAF. See attached poster.

April 14th – Something different … The People’s Mosquito project has the sole aim of restoring and returning a UK-based DH.98 Mosquito to British and European skies. This mammoth task is funded by public donation, sponsorship and income from the sale of merchandise. John Lilley is the project lead and has kindly agreed to give us a talk. This was originally planned for April 2020 and so is two years later thanks to Covid 19!

June 9th – Delighted to have a talk by BAS member Mike Simmonds on the British H Bomb tests. Mike has written a book on the subject and will bring a copy to be raffled for the members.

July 14th – TBA Awaiting on confirmation of a speaker.

August 11th – Hope to hold our annual visit to the HAS where we restore the airframes and keep the Jaguar. A great opportunity to get up close and find out more about the work that goes into restoration and maintenance of our iconic jets.

September 8th – TBA Awaiting on confirmation of a speaker

October 13th – AGM

November 10th – TBA Awaiting on confirmation of a speaker. Hopeful of a retired RAF Lightning/Phantom pilot.

December 8th – Our Christmas social gathering and the BAS photo competition.


The BAS & BCWM will be hosting an opportunity for you to see our Sepecat Jaguar XX741 in action at Bentwaters on March 19th 2022. The event will be held between 4pm and 8pm allowing for some fantastic daylight and twilight photo opportunities of the Jaguar in action.

At the start of the event you will be given an event briefing and given the opportunity to photograph the aircraft with aircrew and groundcrew on  the runway. After this the aircraft will perform a start-up and a slow taxi as well as undertaking a static reheat exercise which is always a fantastic sight to witness.

You will then have the chance to photograph the aircraft from several prime locations undertaking a fast taxi and brake chute deployment, followed by the aircraft relocating to one of the dispersal pads in the wooded area of Bentwaters allowing for various floodlit photoshoots to take place.

Admission tickets to the event are priced at £75 each, and all proceeds go back into the Bentwaters Aviation Society Charity to help it’s running and upkeep of the Society and the Bentwaters Cold War Museum.